it's kick off somewhere!

Welcome to Rugby League Now, a community driven space to promote and share Rugby League streaming from competitions and countries around the world. 

We aim to be a definitive outlook on every match that is coming up through various streaming platforms from grass roots to internationals. Head to the "SUBMIT" page and follows the steps to
 ensure that all social media channels are aware of your matches well in advance. Together we can generate the most exposure for your game possible. 

Social media platforms don't understand the time sensitivity of your posts about streams and fans often find themselves only being notified of the information when it is too late. 

Through Rugby League Now we can all benefit from an interactive schedule that opens a world of Rugby League to fans everywhere. No matter where you are and what time it is, "it's kick off somewhere" and we want to help share your game with every fan across the globe.

All kick off times listed in BST.

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